Tat Chuan Acoustic (TCA) is a leading player in the audio distribution industry in Singapore with a fast-expanding presence in Southeast Asia. The company has been in existence since 1966 and grew from strength to strength under the leadership of its founder, Mr. Allan C. M. Tan. In early 2010, Tat Chuan Acoustic underwent a strategic restructuring after being handed over to Mr. Tan’s son. Currently, the new management team is made up of a group of young professionals whose goal is to take TCA out of the traditional audio industry, break into new grounds and creatively position the company on the cutting edge.


Here at TCA, we don’t just sell products. We serve happiness. TCA is a CEDIA member, which means that you can rest assured that our professionals will offer you the finest in custom electronic design and installation. Experience it at our showroom or contact us here.