5 Reasons Why the X12is Are Not Good For You

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1. You may forget you have earphones on and promptly fall asleep. With a milled aluminium chassis less than 6mm in diameter, the X12i is one of the smallest earphones on the planet. It’s only 15g! You’ll barely feel anything even after wearing them for long hours. So, you forget about them and…

Best Headphones for College

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There is a lot of noise in college. Heck, you might be the one creating the noise most of the time. Sometimes, you’ll just need to be in your world.

We’ve come up with a list of the best headphones for college that make sense whether you want to study in peace, relax or just block out the dang roommate.

If you don’t think you ever need to be quiet and just want to piss off your classmates, check out our list of the best speakers for college.

R6i-On-Ear-Life-5 social

Best Headphones for the Budget

Klipsch Reference R6 On-Ear Headphones

First things first, we recognize that college students are on a serious budget. Between tuition, room, books, food (and beer), there really isn’t a lot of money left over for actually nice things. College is freakin’ expensive.

While we may be biased, we certainly believe that a great pair of headphones is a useful complement to the college experience. The Reference R6 On-Ear headphones come in at $79.00 which is one of the very best values in Klipsch’s portfolio. They’re ultra comfortable, lightweight and, yes, they sound great too. Oh and their simple, yet elegant styling will pair well with just about anything you’ll be wearing, if that’s a concern of yours.

Honestly, we could have listed these headphones under any of the categories. They are extremely versatile and an excellent option for anyone who is on a tight budget.

Klipsch X11i Headphones Studying for College

Best Headphones for Studying in the Library

Klipsch X12i In-Ear Headphones

Maybe you’re a dedicated student who studies regularly or maybe it’s Wednesday and you just found out the final is Thursday. Either way, the award-winning Klipsch X12i headphones are the perfect match for you.

These fellas are crazy small, yet incredibly capable, offering the crispest of highs and deepest of lows. Their ultra-comfortable patented oval ear tips allow you to burn the midnight oil without skipping a beat.

Unlike many on-ear headphones, the unique seal created by the oval ear tips of Klipsch headphones doesn’t allow anything to leak out. This means that your fellow students in the library won’t have to hear the latest Taylor Swift banger that’s on your Spotify iTunes. (No judgements.)

Klipsch-R6-Black-2 2001x1125

Best Headphones for the Flight Home

Klipsch Reference R6 In-Ear Headphones

A lot of students attend out-of-state colleges, which requires flying to and from home every time the parents get sad that you have left the nest. Since this means traveling during the busiest travel times of the year including the dreaded Thanksgiving holiday, you’re going to need headphones that can be worn through all of the inevitable delays and cancellations.

Anyway, the Klipsch Reference R6 in-ear headphones fit the bill, offering remarkable comfort and best-in-class sound quality. They are also the most affordable option in the Klipsch lineup, making it easier to stomach if you accidentally leave them on the plane or at the gate.

One other thing to remember is that these headphones are incredible small which makes them easier to pack in your bag or stuff in your pockets compared to a pair of oversized on-ear or over-ear headphones.



Best Headphones for Hanging Out

Klipsch Reference On-Ear Headphones

There’s a fair amount of time to yourself in college, so you’ll be forgiving if sometimes you’re just messing around whether’s it’s checking out some new music, scrolling through YouTube videos or whatever. OK, so sometimes this lasts forever, but, hey, we’re with ya.

Thankfully, the Reference On-Ear headphones are so dang comfortable that you won’t ever have to take them off. They blend superior comfort and sound into one, making your music and movies sound better than ever.

Oh and you better believe our list of the best headphones for college won’t include anything that’ll make you look like a walking billboard. You’re welcome.

XR-8i Lifestyle 1 social

Best Headphones for Binge-Watching TV Shows and Movies

Klipsch Reference XR8i Hybrid In-Ear Headphones

For some reason or another, there are people who convinced that on-ear and over-ear headphones produce better and more bass than their in-ear counterparts.

To that, we say “hogwash.”  The Reference XR8i Hybrid headphones offer thunderous bass response thanks to its hybrid design. It features the bass of R6i’s custom 6.5mm dual magnet dynamic driver AND the exceptional tonal balance and high-frequency definition of the KG-723 balanced armature. Essentially, it’s the best of both worlds.

What you’re going to get is a headphone that is exceptionally qualified to give you immense feedback. You’re going to feel the impact of those explosions from even the worst of B-movies on Netflix.

AS-5i Lifestyle 5 Social

Best Headphones for Working Out

Klipsch AS-5i All-Sport Headphones

Believe it or not, all of that alcohol you put in your system isn’t great for your body. Shocking, we know.

Luckily for you, the Klipsch AS-5i sport headphones will get you through your toughest workouts. Their secure fit design gently wraps around your ear for stable fit that won’t fall out. Plus, they’re sweat and moisture-resistant, meaning all of those toxins that you’re flushing out of your body aren’t going to disintegrate the headphones.

Yes, it’ll be tough to go the gym when there are a million other more fun things to do or endless assignments to tend to, but these headphones will make it worth it…and, dare we say, a little fun as well.

What do you think are the best headphones for college? What headphones did you use during college? 


Adapted from The Klipsch Joint



Interview with #TeamKlipsch’s Al-Qaasimy (GIFC)

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We caught up with Al-Qaasimy (Qimy), blistering wingback from Geylang International FC, and we are excited to have him talk to us about his career’s highs and lows, and the journey to where he is today.


Thanks for taking time out Qimy. It’s really good to have you on board with us on #teamklipsch.

It’s great to be on board. Thank you for believing in local athletes.

Let’s get the ball rolling. People see you as who you are today, in the national team and at the prime of your football career, how did all this start?

I started playing football at 10, in Tampines Primary School. We did well, really, as a team. And when I was 12, I got called up into the Singapore Combined Schools Team. You know when that happens, you start to take football seriously; not as a career yet, because at 13, you don’t think of careers, but people were starting to see that you could possibly have a talent in that area. Those thoughts got me to go for a trial in the Singapore Sports School, and I was the second batch of students to get enrolled in there! It was really cool, because I could pursue both my academics and my football. I spent 4 years there.

Ah, were you playing at a national level already back then?

Yes yes, I was with the U13s all the way to U16s. I stayed in there even after I went to Republic Polytechnic, where I got my diploma. 

Then you went to Young Lions?

I graduated from the Singapore Football Academy and got into Young Lions at 18. That was when I started to think to myself, this could possibly be my career.

Tell us what happened at Young Lions! Everyone noticed you when you were playing there!

Haha, I played with Young Lions for 5 years, captained the team in the last 2 years. It was a dream come true! There were senior players there like Hariss in there, and they were a major inspiration in my career. Very grateful to have played alongside them.  It was also at Young Lions where I received my first national call up.

So how did it feel like having your first call up?

OVERWHELMING! For me, to play for the Young Lions is already an amazing opportunity, but to play and represent Singapore… It’s a lifelong dream. I have grown up watching Baihakki, Shahril, and now to see them day in day out, joking with them, up till today, I find it really unbelievable. The biggest highlight would probably be my call up to play against Juventus. I was actually in tears when we sang our National Anthem. I was so moved, because it was the grand opening match of our Sports Hub, and I was representing my country against a football giant like Juventus! I really cannot believe I was playing football amongst the greats!

How did it feel going up against Juventus?

Honestly, I was more overwhelmed by the fact that I am to play for Singapore. I was pumped up to play against Juventus, but to represent Singapore was the highlight of the day! I really wanted to show Juventus they are not here just for an exhibition match! We showed them respect, but we needed to show them what we were capable of! I really gave my everything! I think the Juventus players knew I was really serious. At half time, I asked Giovinco for his jersey at the end of the match. He said he would give it to me if I didn’t tackle him like I did on Patrice (Evra).

Qimy 2014 Nationals Juventus

You are never intimidated by any big names you are up against!

I carry this mentality, that it is just another day in the office. Don’t think too much about your opponents, think about ourselves! If you worry too much, it doesn’t help. What would help is that you focus on your strengths, be aware of your opponent and just give your best.

That is really no bulls**t.

(Laughs) I know!

We’re sure it’s not always sunny days for you in football! Were there times of difficulties?

Definitely, it’s not always easy. I remembered when I was 18, I was really worn out from football! I was on the verge of hanging up my boots, giving up the dream. You know, find a job working behind a desk. My passion died down, because of the mundane routine everyday. Like, an athlete burn out you know? I felt like I missed out on friends, family time, and I felt bad about all that. But my family was supportive. My Dad was really worried and concerned about me. Thank God I got the Young Lions call up. It felt like God telling me to give it another try. If this works out, then it will be OK. Looking back, I am glad I held on, and all the determination and patience paid off.

Would you have done the same thing if you could turn back time?

I am so glad to be where I am now! I am very happy to play in the national team and for Geylang International. And I have time to pursue my Bachelors’ during my free time. I have the best of both worlds. I am glad I ran after the football dream, and now I can work on both my football and my studies.

We really salute you, you went after your dream. You’re really a local hero…

I am just really grateful to be where I am today.

GIFC Black Jersey

So, you had tough moments off the pitch, but who would you think is the toughest opponent you had on the pitch?

Definitely Giovinco. He’s so small, silky and tricky. Definitely was the livewire of Juventus in that game. I had to chase him everywhere during the game… I had a tough time against Evra and Pogba too. I also remembered being up against the U21 France Football Team. We were up against Kingsley Coleman and Kurt Zouma! That was a tough one too.

Do you think Singapore will have that kind of quality one day?

I don’t know to be honest! This year, S League’s crowd has improved. Quality improves when viewership and support improves. Behind the scenes, the players’ passion has always been there. But the support we receive acts as a form of motivation for us. Our players work hard. And when we hear haters, it can be quite hurtful, things they say and do. At the end of the day, we are local Singaporean sons trying to give our best! We’re really happy and motivated when we hear our fans. In Geylang International, we have a team of Ultras. Supporters. Every game they are singing, winning or losing, they sing. They mean a lot to us.

Thanks for being so honest with us Qimy! We are so happy to have someone like you in Team Klipsch!

Same here definitely! Music is such a big part of my life. I listen to music everywhere; when I’m driving, in my room, while eating, before games, before training. Music makes my world revolve. Music can make me happy, make me sad, make me angry. I grew up with music. And to listen to music with Klipsch, it’s just amazing! The kind of quality of music I am getting now, it really gets me going!

We’re glad Klipsch is doing your music justice. Thanks for taking time out to talk to us! Here’s to a great second half of the season with Geylang International FC!

Thanks guys!

Al-Qaasimy currently endorses Klipsch. To piss off the neighbours, he uses the Klipsch Soundbar R10B for his home and Klipsch Groove portable speaker for his travels with the national team. For his personal listening, he dons the Klipsch R6 On-Ears and R6i In-ears. Listen like a champion, listen like Qaasimy, listen with Klipsch.

Active speakers, passive speakers, powered and unpowered speakers – Confusions laid to rest!

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Audiophiles understand the importance of speakers in a home entertainment set-up. This is arguably the most important decision made when purchasing and assembling the audio components for the system. It is certainly one of the first features shown off when fellow audiophiles drop in for some aural sampling.

When selecting speakers, consumers may find themselves confronted with the option of active speakers vs passive speakers, powered speakers, or some combination. To make life more difficult, not all vendors and experts agree on the usage of those terms. We’ve attempted to clear up the confusion and spell out some of the strengths and weaknesses.

Defining Active, Passive, and Powered
The terms passive, active, powered, and unpowered are often confused and used incorrectly, or at least interchangeably. The confusion lies in what, specifically, is being addressed with regards to the speaker. When used, these terms are either in reference to speaker amplification or speaker crossover. Hence, active is sometimes used interchangeably with powered, and passive with unpowered. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Active Speakers
In an active speaker, the word active commonly refers to the crossover components/system. The crossover components in an active speaker split the frequency band of the audio signal into smaller parts (low, high, and sometimes mid-range), which are then sent to individual speaker drivers designed to handle those frequencies.

Where active speakers electrical crossover components and powered amplifiers for each driver, these speakers are, themselves, “powered.” This is why active and powered are often used synonymously. So, when a speaker is referred to as an active speaker, it is nearly always referring to the crossover components, which by definition require amplifiers for each band, and separate power.

Incidentally, active speakers suitable for home entertainment and home theater solutions most commonly house the active crossover components and amplifiers within the speaker enclosure, but this is not always necessarily the case. In larger home theater settings, the crossover components and amps can be outside of the speaker. With an active speaker system, one will often see “active speaker” with “bi-amp” or “tri-amp” scenario, referring to active crossover and two or three separate amplifiers for the separate drivers.

Wall of Klipsch Groove
Klipsch Groove – an example of active speakers. Each driver is individually powered with crossover.

Passive Speakers
In contrast to the active speaker, passive speakers feature:
- passive crossover components, which split the audio signal and send each band directly to the loudspeaker drivers
- audio signals that are driven by a separate, individual amp
- components that are typically an arrangement of resistors, capacitors, and inductors, which split the signal and send each frequency part to the drivers
- a separate power amplifier that sends the full audio signal to the speaker(s)

Although high-end passive speakers can contain high-end crossover components, by nature, passive crossover components and passive speakers have some intrinsic drawbacks. Passive crossover systems dissipate heat, and can lose as much as 30-percent of the amplifier’s power. And as the crossover components heat up, the performance of the speaker changes. So a movie may sound differently toward the end than it did in the beginning.

It is important to understand that a consumer integrating a passive speaker system into a home theater or home entertainment solution might be assembling the various components by piecemeal. In this manner, the consumer is left with the task of matching an amplifier for the particular passive speakers selected, or vice versa. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage to a passive speaker scenario. One has the freedom to upgrade the amplifier, or swap it out at any time, where in an active speaker scenario the amps are part of the speaker package. What you hear is what you get, generally speaking. But, the manufacturers of amplifiers don’t know what speaker system will be matched with their product, which is why amplifiers are “over-built” to accommodate a wide range of speakers, a move that results in more expensive and more power consuming amps.

Klipsch RB51Klipsch RB51 is one example of the a powered speaker. It requires an amplifier to drive these speakers. Different amplifiers delivers different sound signature and headroom.

Powered Speakers
Here is where things can get muddied. A powered speaker is technically one that has its own amplifier built into the speaker, and therefore plugs into a nearby outlet. However, a powered speaker is not necessarily an active one, as the crossover components within a powered speaker can be passive. Powered speaker systems have the advantage of being a bit more streamlined, compact, and portable–most speaker systems designed for desktop home computers, laptops, single-room application, wireless multi-room application (like Sonos), and easy all-in-one iPod-docking-and-speaker-solution fall into the “powered” speaker category. But unsuspecting consumers can get fooled into thinking that a powered speaker is better than a passive speaker. In truth, a powered speaker can still have the “amp-passive crossover-driver” chain characteristic of any passive speaker scenario.

“Powered speakers can cut costs, and reduce clutter,” says Logan Pabor, Distribution Manager at Audioengine, a powered speaker manufacturer. The built-in amplifier feature of a powered speaker solution enables wireless speaker scenarios, and eliminates the needs for additional, expensive components. “Set-up is much easier, and there are no external components,” adds Logan. This is the same for the all-new Klipsch R-15PM, for which the amplifier (and ALSO pre-amp for Phono) is directly built into the speakers. In addition, the R-15PM comes with all the necessary connections including bluetooth. A step-up from most other powered speakers in the market.

Klipsch R-15PMKlipsch R-15PM, the all-new all-in-one solution for powered speakers.

It would be inviting widespread criticism from all sides to claim one technology as superior over another in the active vs passive speaker vs powered or unpowered speaker debate. Certainly there are pros and cons to each system, and ways of perfecting (as nearly as possible) one system to “match” the performance of another. As with most such debates, the comments from those with experience are often as informative as the facts themselves.

Adapted and edited from Electronic House (http://www.electronichouse.com/daily/home-audio/active-vs-passive-speakers-use/)
Original article edited and revised on September 28, 2015

FAQ: Reference R-15PM Powered Monitors

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The Klipsch Reference R-15PM powered monitors may look like something you’ve seen before from Klipsch, but they’re a whole different beast and a whole new product category for the 70-year-old company.

While boasting the ever-popular copper-and-black motif of the Reference Series, the R-15PM powered monitors actually house custom-designed amplification, making them the first powered monitors to come out of the Klipsch laboratories and the most feature packed powered monitor on the market today.

As we covered in our previous blog, there are a slew of reasons to get the Reference R-15PM powered monitors. However, with this new product, you may find yourself asking questions. Luckily, we have the answers.

Here are frequently asked questions about the R-15PM powered monitors.

Where can I buy the R-15PM?

TC Acoustic Webstore
TC Acoustic Showroom
Analogue+ @Robinsons Heeren Lv 4
Takashimaya @ B1
Tangs @ Lv 3
(more to come, of course)

Why is having two speakers better than an all-in-one solution?

Undoubtedly, you will have noticed that the market is flooded with basic all-in-one solutions that pack the turntable + speakers together. This isn’t going to get you the acoustic performance that two speakers would.

Having two speakers apart from each other allows for better stereo separation by opening up the soundstage and giving you a more immersive experience. Speakers too close together will not play in true stereo. Recording engineers put a lot of energy into making a stereo mix. Don’t let them down.

Do I need an AV Receiver (AVR) with the R-15PM powered monitors?

No, all of the functions and connections of an AVR are built right into the R-15PM. The right channel monitor incorporates a powerful custom designed low-noise stereo amplifier to maximize system performance and eliminate the need for external amplification. This also eliminates any guesswork associated with pairing your speakers to the correct amp..and the blown drivers that occur during that process.

Should I use the R-15PMs with an AV Receiver (AVR)?

You could easily take the line out of your AVR and plug it into the line in of the speaker and it would work just fine. But why would you want to?

What can I connect the R-15PMs to?

The R-15PMs are incredibly versatile, connecting easily to turntables, televisions, cell phones, laptops, and more thanks to RCA phono/line level inputs, USB digital audio input, digital optical port, 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth® wireless technology.

R-15PM cables

Do I need additional cables to connect to my TV, computer and turntable?

No, all of the cables you need are included in the box. See above!

R-15PM turntable connect

How do I connect my turntable to the R-15PMs?

It is super easy to connect the R-15PM to a turntable thanks to the speaker’s built-in phono pre-amp.

  1. Connect the RCA cables (red + white) from the turntable to the back of the R-15PM
  2. Ground the turntable to the R-15PM’s ground screw (or not, depending on which results in a lower level of hum from the speakers)
  3. Ensure the switch on the back of the R-15PM is set to “Phono”
  4. Plug the turntable and R-15PM into power outlets
  5. Turn on the power switch on the back of the speaker
  6. Put a record on

It’s that easy. Enjoy!

R-15PM TV connect

How do I connect my TV to the R-15PMs?

Just There are three different ways to connect the R-15PMs to a television. (We told you these puppies were versatile!)

Line Input

  1. Connect the RCA cables (red + white) from the television to the back of the R-15PM
  2. Ensure the switch on the back of the R-15PM is set to “Line”
  3. Plug the television and R-15PM into power outlets
  4. Turn on the power switch on the back of the speaker
  5. Turn your television on
  6. Make sure your television is set to PCM out (when available)


  1. Connect the Optical cable from the television to the back of the R-15PM
  2. Plug the television and R-15PM into power outlets
  3. Turn on the power switch on the back of the speaker
  4. Turn your television on
  5. Make sure your television is set to PCM out (when available)


  1. Connect the 3.5mm cable from the television to the back of the R-15PM
  2. Plug the television and R-15PM into power outlets
  3. Turn on the power switch on the back of the speaker
  4. Turn your television on
  5. Make sure your television is set to PCM audio out (when available)



R-15PM Computer connect

How do I connect my computer to the R-15PMs?

You have two options to connect your laptop/desktop (Windows or OS X) computer to your R-15PM.

USB Audio

  1. Connect the USB cord from the computer to the back of the R-15PM
  2. Plug the R-15PM into power outlets and make sure your computer has power
  3. Turn on the power switch on the back of the speaker
  4. Play audio on your laptop

Headphone Jack

  1. Connect the USB cord from the computer to the back of the R-15PM
  2. Plug the R-15PM into power outlets and make sure your computer has power
  3. Turn on the power switch on the back of the speaker
  4. Play audio on your laptop

Where should I place my R-15PMs?

As we mentioned earlier, stereo separation is important into getting you closer to the experience the recording engineers intended. The general rule of thumb is to place the speakers at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock to your listening area.

Can I stream audio to my R-15PMs?

Of course! The R-15PM has built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology, so you can easily stream from your phone, tablet, computer, whatever. If you are a Google Chromecast Audio user, you will be happy to note that there is an aux port on the back of the R-15PM, so you can start casting right away.

Reference R-15PM remote

Does the R-15PM come with a remote?

Yes. You won’t need to get up from the couch just to turn up the volume from your speakers. Use the handy, dandy IR remote that comes with every pair of R-15PMs. It gives you easy access to system features such as dedicated source selection, track controls and play/pause.

Can I connect a subwoofer to the R-15PM?

If you want to add some boom boom to your setup, consider connecting a Klipsch subwoofer to your R-15PMs via the sub port on the back of the speaker. We recommend our Reference R-10SW or Reference R-12SW.

Reference R-15PM vinyl

Wait, are the R-15PM powered monitors the same thing as the R-15M bookshelf speakers?

While they may look the same at first glance, the R-15PM powered monitors and R-15M bookshelf speakers are vastly different both on the inside and outside.

Acoustically, the R-15PM and R-15M are not the same, despite both having a 1″ aluminum diaphragm compression driver mated to 90° x 90° square Tractrix Horn and 5.25″ copper spun magnetically shielded IMG woofer. While the R-15M needs to be paired with an AV receiver, the amplification of the R-15PM is built right into the speakers. We custom-engineered this amplification, ensuring that it is the perfect match.

Physically, you may have noticed that the R-15PM does not have the R-15M’s screw holes on the front of the speaker that hold the R-15M’s grille in place. The R-15PM does not come with grilles. One R-15PM speaker also has a LED indicator, displaying the connected device. All the source inputs are located on the back of the R-15PM.

Whatever your content may be, the R-15PM powered monitors pack a powerful punch.

Adapted from The Klipsch Joint: http://www.klipsch.com/blog/faq-reference-r-15pm-powered-monitors/

GIFC x Klipsch: Yuki Ichikawa – Passion makes a Champion

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He reached the dusty shores of Singapore 5 years ago to ply his trade in Albirex Niigata in the S League. Since then, he never looked back. Yuki Ichikawa is a pivotal player in the Geylang International FC set up today. The Klipsch team caught up with him to talk about his passion and career in football.

Yuki looks for options on the pitch.

Yuki looks for options on the pitch.

Yuki came to Singapore when his college football team mate Shimpei Sakurada invited him to Singapore for a trial. In 2014, Yuki switched to his green colours and has been flourishing in the centre of the park. What caught our attention here at Team Klipsch is his unwavering consistency and quality in the backline. He never fails to stifle waves of attacks, and bring a sense of security to rest of his teammates.

Off the pitch, we asked him if he ever felt uncomfortable living in a foreign land in a foreign country. Yuki explained that his family’s support was crucial in his development here, but definitely it was difficult adapting to our local culture. And of course, our weather. The language was a barrier, but there were things that made things a lot easier.

“Enjoy your football. It is very important.”

His advice to any aspiring young player was to enjoy doing what they do. Yuki was beaming and smiling ear to ear during our chat with him, and you can see clearly he loves the life he lives. The gamble that he took years ago to move has paid off.

His passion for football can be seen when we asked him about his favourite player.

“Mascherano. Very tough. Hummels. So clever! Ramos. So good a defender.”

It is easy to see and know why he is so good at what he does. Because he loves what he does. Passion and desire. Here at Klipsch, we applaud more than Yuki’s accolades and success. We champion his fire and desire. Listen like Yuki, listen with passion, listen with Klipsch.

Yuki Klipsch

Keeping the offense at bay.

Mr Ichikawa.

Mr Ichikawa.

Yuki uses the Klipsch R6 On-Ears and the AS5i to fuel his fire.

5 Reasons To Get Reference R-15PM Powered Monitors

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For years we have been receiving emails, calls, tweets, posts, texts asking us to make one thing – powered monitors.

Well, we did it! And, we didn’t just make any ol’ powered speaker either. We made a class-leading, room-rattling, killer speaker that puts an exclamation point on our entrance into the category.

The Reference R-15PM Powered Monitors are some of the most versatile and easy-to-use speakers on the planet. Oh, and they sound pretty darn great as well. Outsiders who roll through Klipsch HQ for a demo are consistently blown away when they are played against the category’s leading contenders.

Here are five reasons why the Reference R-15PM Powered Monitors should be your next speakers.

Reference R-15PM Laptop

Connect to Everything

Whatever the source for music or video content, chances are the R-15PMs are going to be able to direct connect with the proper cabling. The integrated phono pre-amp, Bluetooth® wireless technology, digital optical, analog RCA and USB inputs, makes the R-15PM your new best friend, connecting seamlessly to turntables, televisions, cell phones and computers.

Reference R-15PM amplification


All of the R-15PM’s connectivity and amplification is built into the speakers. That’s right. There’s no need for a clunky, old AV receiver. Plug and play. The onboard amplifier is custom-engineered just for these high-performance speakers, maximizing output and sound quality.

Reference R-15PM Phono Pre-Amp

Built-In Phono Pre-Amp

We mentioned this above, but this really is a killer feature for all of you looking to get back into the vinyl game. There’s no need for an amplifier or receiver, plus you won’t need a separate phono pre-amp to connect to your turntable. You can directly plug a turntable into your R-15PMs.

Reference R-15PM TV

Two Speakers Are Better Than One

We don’t really need to say more…but we will anyway. There are a couple of reasons why you are better off with a true stereo system like the R-15PM rather than an all-in-one solution.

The first reason should be obvious – stereo separation. By having the speakers apart and playing in true stereo, it opens up the spatial reproduction of the tracks, the way the recording engineer intended.

Secondly, turntables are quite sensitive to vibrations. That means that you don’t want to have you speakers too close by. Otherwise, you are looking at extreme distortion, which could potentially damage your turntable and/or speakers.

Reference R-15PM

Reference Performance

Every speaker company out there talks about sound quality. At Klipsch, we actually mean it. Put these bad boys up against any of the competition and we’re confident we’ll come out the victors.

Each monitor has a 1″ aluminum diaphragm compression driver mated to a 90° x 90° square Tractrix Horn and 5.25″ copper spun magnetically shielded IMG woofer. In layman’s terms: these speakers have the chops to make your music rock and movies rumble.

Do you like a little more “oomph”? Well, you can add just about any Klipsch subwoofer to your R-15PM setup. Boom.

These truly aren’t the typical bookshelf speakers. These are the ultimate power players. Connect the R-15PM powered monitors to just about anything, set them up in minutes and kick-back while they deliver room-filling sound.

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Team Klipsch: Singapore Drummer Tamagoh’s Playlist

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Tama Goh on the Drums

Tamagoh is renowned drummer percussionist in the scene today. He is often lauded for his ability to transfer any drum set he finds at any venue to sound musical and tasteful. That goes down to his hours of hardwork and determination, often spending time till wee hours in the morning in his workplace, practicing his craft.

Tama Goh @ HK w/ XR8i

Tamagoh using the XR8i while playing for Sandy Lam, a superstar singer from Hong Kong

Coveted by both local and international musicians alike, we are proud to have Tamagoh on #teamklipsch, someone who exudes excellence and diligence. Listen like Tamagoh, listen with Klipsch. No excuses, no bulls*t, just pure quality.

Tama Goh loves the XR8i

Tamagoh showing off his new XR8i

Check out Tamagoh’s 12 favourite Jazz Standards Playlist here:

  1. Caravan – Duke Ellington
  2. Airegin – Sonny Rollins
  3. Footprints – Wayne Shorter
  4. Like Someone in Love – Jimmy Van Heusen
  5. Joshua – Victor Feldman/Miles Davis
  6. Take Five – Dave Brubeck/Paul Desmond
  7. Groovin’ High – Dizzy Gillespie
  8. All Blues – Miles Davis
  9. Four – Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson
  10. Oleo – Sonny Rollins
  11. Memories of Tomorrow – Keith Jarrett
  12. Someday my Prince will Come – Larry Morey/Frank Churchill

Enjoy listening to what the greats listen to!




GIFC X Klipsch April Player Feature: Al-Qaasimy Rahman

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oscar gowns

The blistering wingback uses music to motivate himself to push himself during his personal workout. Known as ‘Qimy’ to many of his teamates, the number 18 is no stranger to the footballing scene in Southeast Asia.

Al-Qaasimy carries no fear when it comes to challenges (remember how he handled Patrice Evra when Juventus visited Singapore?), be it on or off the pitch. A look at his playlist to know what motivates him would be interesting.

Pre-Match Playlist:

  • Coldplay -Fix You
  • Metallica -Master of Puppets
  • Metallica -For Whom the Bell Yolls
  • Metallica -Sad but true
  • Guns N Roses – Welcome to the Jungle
  • Muse – Resistance
  • Avenged Seven Fold – Unholy Confessions
  • Stronger – Jah Cure
  • Stevie Wonder – Master Blaster

Follow GIFC on Instagram: @gifcsg
Follow Al-Qaasimy on Instagram: @al_qaasimy


Turntable Setup Guide for Passive and Powered Speakers

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A growing number of people are investing in the reborn industry of vinyl music. Whether it be the warm and textured sound or the tactile experience, vinyl is having quite the comeback and turntables are popping up in households around the world.

Some people may be content with some cheap all-in-one-solution for their turntable setup. Affordable all-in-ones typically do not have very good reputation as they have the tendency to ruin records from the amount of force that is applied to them by the stylus. However, if you’re reading this blog, you aren’t satisfied with “good enough.” You want audiophile-grade sound from your turntable.

This doesn’t mean that you ought to be intimidated by the prospect of a proper performance-grade turntable setup. We’re here to make things simple (and sound great) with our turntable setup guide for both passive and powered speakers.

First of all, you need to decide whether you are going to go with powered or passive speakers. Powered speakers like the Klipsch Reference R-15PM powered monitors have internal amplification, while passive speakers like the Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-160M bookshelf speakers require external amplification.

From there, it’s really quite simple…

RP Uturn blog

How to Set Up Passive Speakers With a Turntable

You will only need a few things to set up your passive speakers correctly with a turntable: a receiver, phono pre-amp, RCA cables and a pair of speakers. While there are more components to setting up passive speakers than powered speakers, the process really isn’t much more involved. (If you need help choosing a pair of speakers for your turntable, please click here.)

  1. Connect the turntable with the RCA cables to the preamp. (Some turntables require grounding.)
  2. Connect the pre-amp to the amp with RCA cables.
  3. Connect the amp to the speakers.
  4. Drop the needle and enjoy!

Reference R-15PM

How To Set Up Powered Speakers With a Turntable

Not to brag, but the R-15PM power monitors are pretty awesome. Besides having internal amplification, they have a built-in phono pre-amp. Most powered speakers still require a separate phono pre-amp. In any case, internal amplification and the built-in phono pre-amp eliminate the need for two separate components – a receiver and discrete phono pre-amp.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to connect R-15PM powered monitors to your turntable

  1. Connect the RCA and ground cables from the turntable to the R-15PM
  2. Ensure the switch on the back of the R-15PM is set to “Phono”
  3. Plug the turntable and R-15PM into power outlets
  4. Put a record on and enjoy!

This is the easiest way to setup a turntable with quality speakers.

Klipsch Black Turntable CES 2016

Turntable Setup and Configuration

Depending on what turntable you have, the amount of setup and configuration will depend on the specific turntable you select. Some turntables come set up straight out of the box while others involve a great deal of tweaking. Of course, there are also turntables that give users the option to upgrade components like the phono cartridge.

We won’t go into the nitty-gritty of every possible turntable setup because we already dove into the anatomy of the turntable, but there are some basics you need to know.

First of all, there are two primary types of turntables: belt drive and direct drive turntables. Simply put, belt drive turntables are for those listening to records while direct drive turntables are what you would see DJs using.

There are also automatic and manual turntables. Automatic turntables simply require you to press a button and the turntable will lift the tone arm and place it on the record. Manual turntables require you to physically place the tone arm on the record.

You may have noticed that we showed off a Klipsch turntable at CES 2016 and, if you’re in Canada, you can already purchase a turntable bundled with the Klipsch R-15PMs as part of the Klipsch Music Crate. Don’t worry, it will be coming to the United States and rest of the world very soon!

Anyway, the Klipsch turntable is a manual, belt-driven turntable created in partnership with Pro-Ject. It sounds great and also offers an extremely easy setup.

The Klipsch turntable comes set up right out of the box, meaning that you will not have to mess with the tracking force or counterweight adjustments. It comes with a moving magnet Ortofon OM 5E cartridge.

Regardless of the type of speakers or turntable you choose, a proper turntable setup is extremely important in delivering quality sound; however, it shouldn’t be considered a daunting challenge.


Post taken from Klipsch Joint



Team Klipsch: Radio DJ Elias Soh’s Playlist

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Elias Soh is a familiar voice to many people to turn on their radio to local station LUSH 99.5FM. Having worked with both local and international acts, and a resume that is nothing short of awesome, where Elias is today, is an epitome of hardwork and passion.

As a kid, Elias would play with play with a tape recorder at home, pretending to be a radio DJ, imitating his childhood hero, Robin Williams in ‘Good Morning Vietnam’. Little did he know, a toy would catapult him into his career and calling.

Something that struck us here at Klipsch was his passion and determination. To tell you his life are all flowers and daffodils would be too good to be true. It did not come easy, what he does today. Elias was offered a show by Vanessa Fernandez in LUSH during the 3rd year of his time in Nanyang Technological University. It was a strenuous time in school, but he decided to take up the challenge instead.

Elias Soh

Elias Soh of Team Klipsch

‘When opportunities come, you have to take it, even if it is tough.’

He recounts his days when he had to sacrifice sleep, go to school in the day, get to work in the evening, and stay in the office till 3am finishing up assignments.

‘The degree is important, but it is just a plus. Work hard, get your Paper qualifications and push yourself hard.’

Today, he is enjoying the fruits of his labour, being a radio DJ, hosting shows, and running events. It didn’t come easy, but we’re glad they came. We are excited to have him on Team Klipsch, because we epitomise the same spirit. No bullsh*t. Just passion and excellence.

Elias uses the Klipsch Reference X6i and the Image R6 On Ears.

Elias Soh Radio DJ LUSH Klipsch

Elias with the Klipsch X6i


Check out Elias’ playlist here.

The DJ’s Playlist:

Deftones – My Own Summer
Voodoo Child – Jimi Hendrix
Helter Skelter – The Beatlesyy
Iggy Pop – I Wanna Be Your Dog
Radiohead – Bodysnatchers
Forests – Who Cares, Really? https://weareforests.bandcamp.com/track/who-cares-really-2
I’m Shipping Up To Boston – Children of Bodom
Jay Z – Public Service Announcement
Jay Z & Kanye West – Otis
Kendrick Lamar – Compton
Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools
Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta
Hudson Mohawke – Chimes
Wu Tang Clan – Six Directions of Boxing
Tyler The Creator – Yonkers
Dub Phizix and Skeptical feat Strategy – Marka
Major Lazer ft. Pharrell – Aerosol Can
Metz – Acetate
Myrne – Call Me https://soundcloud.com/myrne/sets/call-me-w-st-louse
Run The Jewels feat. Zack de la Rocha – “Close Your Eyes ”
Primitive Weapons – Panoticon Blues
Honne – Coastal Love

Best Speakers for Your Record Player

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Vinyl is back in a big way. After all, vinyl made more money than free streams in 2016 with sales rising to their highest level since 1988, according to the RIAA. The record player is becoming practically as ubiquitous as the television in living rooms across the world.

Whether you own one record or 1,000 records, a pair of quality speakers for your record player is exactly what you need. After all, what’s the point of investing in analog audio if you’re just going to push the sound through some crappy all-in-one solution?

We’re here to help you get the very most of out of this new-again medium.

While almost any pair of Klipsch bookshelf or floorstanding speakers would be terrific partners for a record player, we have broken down several situations to find the best speaker for your record player.

Reference R-15PM Phono Pre-Amp

Easiest Speakers to Set Up With Your Record Player

Reference R-15PM

Some people don’t want to mess around with a bunch of wires and separate devices. We get it. You just want to hear your burgeoning vinyl collection in all of its glory. With internal amplification and built-in phono pre-amp, the new R-15PM powered monitors are the best option for someone looking for the easiest way to hook up their turntable properly. These are the new standards in record player speakers.

RP Uturn blog

Best Passive Bookshelf Speakers for Your Record Player

Reference Premiere RP-160M

One of the biggest reasons why people get into vinyl is the desire to free themselves from overly compressed music. The RP-160M bookshelf speakers over top level performance that provides a true audiophile-grade setup. They feature 90×90 hybrid Tractrix horns, Tractrix ports, Linear Travel Suspension titanium tweeters and spun copper Cerametallic woofers. Old school meets new school in the best possible way.

R-14M blog

Best Budget Speakers for Your Record Player

Reference R-14M

Maybe you haven’t notice – or don’t care – but vinyl isn’t cheap. We completely understand if you want to spend more on your album collection rather than speakers for your record player. The R-14M bookshelf speakers from the Reference series will deliver a surprising amount of output, filling your room with any record you please. Everyone could use a little more copper and black in their life.

70th Anniversary Heresy - 1 social

The Ultimate Speakers for Your Record Player

Heresy III / La Scala II / Cornwall / Klipschorn

You owe it to yourself to listen to a record through Klipsch Heritage Series speakers. Whether it’s the Heresy III, La Scala II, Cornwall or Klipschorn, we can pretty much guarantee that your mind is going to be blown. All of the reasons why people prefer vinyl are put on full display with an exceedingly pleasing, warm and textured sound. You truly aren’t going to find better record player speakers. To top it all off, each of these speakers is handcrafted in our Hope, Arkansas factory.

What do you think are the best speakers for your record player?

Original Blog Post: http://www.klipsch.com/blog/best-speakers-for-your-record-player/