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5 Reasons Why the X12is Are Not Good For You

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1. You may forget you have earphones on and promptly fall asleep. With a milled aluminium chassis less than 6mm in diameter, the X12i is one of the smallest earphones on the planet. It’s only 15g! You’ll barely feel anything even after wearing them for long hours. So, you forget about them and…

GIFC x Klipsch: Yuki Ichikawa – Passion makes a Champion

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He reached the dusty shores of Singapore 5 years ago to ply his trade in Albirex Niigata in the S League. Since then, he never looked back. Yuki Ichikawa is a pivotal player in the Geylang International FC set up today. The Klipsch team caught up with him to talk about his passion and career in football.

Yuki looks for options on the pitch.

Yuki looks for options on the pitch.

Yuki came to Singapore when his college football team mate Shimpei Sakurada invited him to Singapore for a trial. In 2014, Yuki switched to his green colours and has been flourishing in the centre of the park. What caught our attention here at Team Klipsch is his unwavering consistency and quality in the backline. He never fails to stifle waves of attacks, and bring a sense of security to rest of his teammates.

Off the pitch, we asked him if he ever felt uncomfortable living in a foreign land in a foreign country. Yuki explained that his family’s support was crucial in his development here, but definitely it was difficult adapting to our local culture. And of course, our weather. The language was a barrier, but there were things that made things a lot easier.

“Enjoy your football. It is very important.”

His advice to any aspiring young player was to enjoy doing what they do. Yuki was beaming and smiling ear to ear during our chat with him, and you can see clearly he loves the life he lives. The gamble that he took years ago to move has paid off.

His passion for football can be seen when we asked him about his favourite player.

“Mascherano. Very tough. Hummels. So clever! Ramos. So good a defender.”

It is easy to see and know why he is so good at what he does. Because he loves what he does. Passion and desire. Here at Klipsch, we applaud more than Yuki’s accolades and success. We champion his fire and desire. Listen like Yuki, listen with passion, listen with Klipsch.

Yuki Klipsch

Keeping the offense at bay.

Mr Ichikawa.

Mr Ichikawa.

Yuki uses the Klipsch R6 On-Ears and the AS5i to fuel his fire.

Team Klipsch: Radio DJ Elias Soh’s Playlist

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Elias Soh is a familiar voice to many people to turn on their radio to local station LUSH 99.5FM. Having worked with both local and international acts, and a resume that is nothing short of awesome, where Elias is today, is an epitome of hardwork and passion.

As a kid, Elias would play with play with a tape recorder at home, pretending to be a radio DJ, imitating his childhood hero, Robin Williams in ‘Good Morning Vietnam’. Little did he know, a toy would catapult him into his career and calling.

Something that struck us here at Klipsch was his passion and determination. To tell you his life are all flowers and daffodils would be too good to be true. It did not come easy, what he does today. Elias was offered a show by Vanessa Fernandez in LUSH during the 3rd year of his time in Nanyang Technological University. It was a strenuous time in school, but he decided to take up the challenge instead.

Elias Soh

Elias Soh of Team Klipsch

‘When opportunities come, you have to take it, even if it is tough.’

He recounts his days when he had to sacrifice sleep, go to school in the day, get to work in the evening, and stay in the office till 3am finishing up assignments.

‘The degree is important, but it is just a plus. Work hard, get your Paper qualifications and push yourself hard.’

Today, he is enjoying the fruits of his labour, being a radio DJ, hosting shows, and running events. It didn’t come easy, but we’re glad they came. We are excited to have him on Team Klipsch, because we epitomise the same spirit. No bullsh*t. Just passion and excellence.

Elias uses the Klipsch Reference X6i and the Image R6 On Ears.

Elias Soh Radio DJ LUSH Klipsch

Elias with the Klipsch X6i


Check out Elias’ playlist here.

The DJ’s Playlist:

Deftones – My Own Summer
Voodoo Child – Jimi Hendrix
Helter Skelter – The Beatlesyy
Iggy Pop – I Wanna Be Your Dog
Radiohead – Bodysnatchers
Forests – Who Cares, Really?
I’m Shipping Up To Boston – Children of Bodom
Jay Z – Public Service Announcement
Jay Z & Kanye West – Otis
Kendrick Lamar – Compton
Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools
Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta
Hudson Mohawke – Chimes
Wu Tang Clan – Six Directions of Boxing
Tyler The Creator – Yonkers
Dub Phizix and Skeptical feat Strategy – Marka
Major Lazer ft. Pharrell – Aerosol Can
Metz – Acetate
Myrne – Call Me
Run The Jewels feat. Zack de la Rocha – “Close Your Eyes ”
Primitive Weapons – Panoticon Blues
Honne – Coastal Love