Klipsch R6i On-Ear: Anyone can afford great sound!

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R6i On Ear

Klipsch releases a brand new headphones that is simply going to blow your mind!
In more ways than you think.

Finally, legendary sound for everyone.
Easy on the ears, easy on the pocket.

When we tried them on, we understand why.


If you know Klipsch’s priorities, you would already understand that sound quality and comfort are the top-most important factors of any product in its line-up. Klipsch lives by the quote, “If it doesn’t sound good, we don’t want to have a part in it.”

The bass response from the R6i On-Ear continues to pack a punch while maintaining the integrity of precision. Many headphones are proud of their overwhelming amount of bass. But at the same time, many ignorant digital natives fail to understand that getting a generous amount of low frequency inside your eardrum doesn’t mean good quality bass. It is the ability to produce a certain amount of bass response without contaminating the essence of how the music is intended to be experienced. Having said this, R6i On-Ear delivers a good balance of bass while ensuring you don’t only hear boom boom boom bhadambrooooommm. Yes, moving on. We tested this with “I Will Remember” by Toto and “Firestone” by Kygo.

The R6i-On-Ear produces a warm and natural tone, liken to the Klipsch signature sound since the very beginning. Headphones that are sold at higher value does not seem to achieve this properly. We’ve tried many other brands of headphones of similar price range. What we found was that some of them were definitely clear, as they promise to be, but they lean towards brighter tones. This may be unpleasant at higher volumes. Many headphone’s mid frequencies also lack life and balance vis-a-vis treble and bass. A good way to truly test the headphones is to listen to your favourite acoustic-vocal song. We used the song “Realize” by Colbie Caillat and “Sometimes When We Touch” by Olivia Ong.

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Klipsch seems to have heard the cry of the Southeast Asian nations: “Sounds very good, but why so expensive?!”

The Klipsch R6i On-Ear is only going for SGD 199 today. This is the first pair of Klipsch headphones that are priced below SGD 200. Furthermore, the quality of these headphones do not decrease despite the more affordable tag. Coupled with a one-to-one exchange 1 year warranty… we think there’s not much reason left to complain about. Definitely more affordable than any other Klipsch headphones and other headphones of the same quality out there.


Very comfortable. It’s light-weight, compact and sits nicely on the ears. The memory foam cushion on the ear cups ensures that you can wear them for long hours without feeling significant heat build-up or hard edges pressing against your ears. One of our testers is a bespectacled geek. He told us that he did not like headphones because it hurts after a while. But we coerced convinced him into trying it anyway – for 2 hours. Our tester said he was surprised that he did not need to remove the headphones nor remove his spectacles in the period of testing. So, glasses-wearing friends, you’re in for a treat!


Enough said about this. Click here to proceed to our webstore and get it at SGD 199!

R6i On Ear Flatlay

We love the Klipsch R6i On-Ear headphones and we couldn’t believe how affordable, yet powerful these set of headphones are.
We recommend everyone who has not yet owned a pair of headphones to make this your first and everyone who is using ‘budget’ headphones to switch to this pair of headphones. These will be your next gadget best friend.


Webstore: https://store.tcacoustic.com.sg/
Facebook: Klipsch
Instagram: @klipschSEAsia
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