New Klipsch Earphones That Pack A Punch

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We know the complaints:

“I hate it when my earphones feel loose.”
“I don’t like any gear that feels like a burden. It’s gotta be a part of me.”
“I end up removing my earphones halfway through.”
“It may be wireless, but the signal keeps dropping intermittently.”
“I keep pulling on my wires.”

Klipsch AS-5i BlueKlipsch AW-4i Blue

Enter the Klipsch AS-5i and the Klipsch AW-4i.
They are built to help you never to say those things anymore.

Klipsch AS-5i in the Gym

The Klipsch AS-5i earphones are lightweight and fit snugly around your ears. They are equipped with Klipsch’s patented oval-shaped ear tips, which will feel like they are a part of you. You can be almost sure they are not gonna get in your way

The Kevlar-armored cables are gonna make sure your cables will not fray or snap and the 3-button remote will be your best friend in controlling your music and also reducing the cable weight. Oh, did we mention that they won’t be dying on you because they need no batteries and they ain’t afraid of sweat (or rain drops, for that matter).

Klipsch AW-4i with XL Remote

The Klipsch AW-4i are a little different. Don’t let the smaller digit on the model name fool you. It doesn’t mean it works less than the AS-5i. In fact, they serve a completely different purpose.

By now you should have noticed the extra large remote. This is the glove-proof and hassle-free solution to those who are a little more adventurous than simply jogging or hitting the weights in the gym. To all the cyclist and rock climbers who don gloves for your rigorous activity, you’d understand how much trouble this XL remote is gonna save you. Gone are the days you have to feel your way through the gloves to find the right buttons to press.

Our team in TC Acoustic went one step further in testing its alleged “all weather” quality. We dipped the entire earphones (except for the drivers, of course) into water for a few seconds and pull them out, just to see how “all weather” it was. They still work after the dunking test. No, they still work WHILE being dunked. Now, that is truly weather-proof. The AW-4i is built to endure a good beating from any weather and any activity.

What’s most important? Both of these bad boys sound awesome. You get the same Klipsch quality on these lightweight champions.

The new pro-sports series introduced in July 2015 give those who live an active lifestyle and athletes an addition gear to add into their arsenal. These two earphones are designed to not just support the athlete, but also increase performance. Studies have shown that (the right mix of) music indeed increases the overall physical performance in exercising. Music helps to block out the little voice in your brain telling you, “it’s time to quit”. But it ain’t just about distraction. Music of the appropriate tempo for your workout can contribute to increased performance.

Yada, yada, yada. All you have to know that music is pretty darn important if you’re serious about working out good. So your listening experience matters, sporty ones.

Check them out today: