One Song Setup (SONOS)

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How many things can you really accomplish before a single song finishes? Watch this couple set up multiple Sonos speakers throughout the home while Kimbra performs her track “Carolina” in the living room.

After an initial beat captures Kimbra’s imagination, the music lovers go from unboxing to setting up Sonos in four rooms. By the end of the song, they’re streaming Kimbra’s music from Spotify throughout the house.

Having a quick and intuitive setup experience also means that everyone you recommend Sonos to will be able to listen in a snap.

Once you add your first speaker by plugging it in for power and connecting to the home WiFi in the Sonos Controller app, you can add others at the touch of a button. Just select Add a Player in the app. From there, start streaming your music in high fidelity within seconds from your favorite sources.

Want to hear more from Kimbra? Dive into the short behind the scenes video to hear about her process and affection for music.

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