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The all-new SONOS Play:5 has entered our lives for almost 3 months now and we can’t stop listening to it and playing with it. The staff in our office are fighting to take control of this new Sonos player and many times we end up changing each other’s playlist and overwriting each other’s “Now Playing” song. We love it so much, we fight over it.

And that got me thinking – why is that?

I casually asked my colleagues over the office table and did a quick survey of why we had to fight over the SONOS Play:5. Here are some reasons we concluded:

1. “It sounds amazing!”
The first resounding answer we got (almost simultaneously) is that it sounds amazing.
What can I say? They echoed the first thought in my head.
The Play:5 is decked with three tweeters, each angled for optimum soundstage and catered for off-axis performance. But what makes it stand out amongst any other speakers is three mid-range long-throw woofers, making the speaker sound like an entire concert. The bass response from the Play:5 is tight yet incredibly deep sounding. It’s no wonder we want to hear our favourite songs on this monster of a speaker.

So I went on to ask them, what else, besides the way it sounds?

2. “The looks…”
I know it’s superficial, but a speaker is an ornament too. The new Play:5 is sleek with its matte finish and it fits right into any corner, shelf or table-top. One of my colleagues mentioned that this Play:5 “looks better than the old Play:5″. That gave me an understanding why “the looks” is so important. The all-new SONOS Play:5 is modern-looking and does not look outdated. A speaker like that speaks mountains about its owner’s taste and style. The Play:5 yells at on-lookers that its owner is stylish, modern, cutting-edge and knows his (or her) audio. It’s not just superficial, it’s an image to uphold.

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