Klipsch R6i Earphones Does It Again

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By now, you should know that the Klipsch Reference R6i in-ear Earphones are our best seller and favourite.
Well, if you do not yet know, now you do.

Klipsch R6i

Klipsch R6i gains another 5-star review from the credible WhatHifi gadgets guru. The pretty photo above is courtesy of the gadgets experts themselves.

WhatHifi boasts the R6i’s “pros” with the following pointers:

  • Comfortable fit
  • Rich, weighty bass
  • Warm and articulate midrange
  • Expansive treble

Well, we will be frank with everyone. They mentioned one “con” in their review: Significant cable noise.
But hey, it’s a give-and-take. Every flat tangle-free cable comes with this cable noise. It’s all about preference.

The cool thing about this particular review is that they tested the R6i earphones with various song choices. Obviously these earphones handle every and any genre well; from pop, to country, to even heavy Slipknot metal. Earphones aren’t just all about that bass. It’s versatility and performance that counts.

No, it ain’t about which celebrity is buying them too. That’s important. Write it down.

It’s the people’s choice that matters, not what appears on advertisements. Klipsch earphones are the No. 1 on Hardware Magazine Awards Readers’ Choice – for two consecutive years. The people have truly spoken.

If you would like to find out more, go ahead and read the full detailed review here.

Till next time, ciao!