5 Reasons Why the X12is Are Not Good For You

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1. You may forget you have earphones on and promptly fall asleep.

With a milled aluminium chassis less than 6mm in diameter, the X12i is one of the smallest earphones on the planet. It’s only 15g!

X12i Feather

You’ll barely feel anything even after wearing them for long hours.
So, you forget about them and fall asleep while your music continues playing. Then your phone battery gets drained.

2. You can’t keep buying new things. 
Check out the cables on this:


Exposed copper peeking through a smoked jacket… it’s so durable!

How can you keep splurging on new earphones when this will last you a long, long time?

3. You lose track of time, lose track of your surroundings…
and basically have no clue what’s going on.
Thanks to the custom KG-926 balanced armature drivers in these, you’re instantly transported to a whole new world when you put them on.

I mean, it’s like Michael Buble is serenading you LIVE.
Or like you have clinched front-row centre Royal Albert Hall tickets to Adele’s concert. So if you’re an LOTR fan, make sure to put on some Howard Shore goodness!

4. You don’t talk to people anymore.

… unless they’re calling you on your phone.
Because then their voice sounds 10x more amazing through the wonder that is the X12i. And you get to easily answer them with the in-line mic/remote!


5. You can’t go back to second-best after this.

Klipsch’s trademark patented oval-shaped ear-tips will make sure of that.

After all, comfort is king.
And with these, you’ll be pampered like royalty.

So, yes. These babies are bad, bad news. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!